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Why Are Title Tags Important?

Example of Title Tag in a SERP

The title tag helps users and search engines understand what your content is about. When optimizing on-site SEO, the keywords in the title tag help to get your page to rank. If you’re title says one thing, but your page topic says another, it will have an adverse impact on your ability to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

35 of the 37 participants in the annual Search Ranking Factors survey done by SEOmoz said that the title tag was the most important place to use keywords to get high search rankings.

Example of Title Tag in a SERP

The text in blue is the title tag which you can fully specify. Traditionally, this was what drove search engine results, but today a whole host of other factors will determine what gets displayed when you initiate an online query.

You will also find the title tag in your browser display at the top window. This will get cut off, so is less important, but it does reinforce the keyword emphasis of the page.

Title Tag in browser tab

On social media, you will also find title tags. The example below, is from Linked In

Linked In Title Tag example

Do’s and Don’t to Optimize Your Title Tag Element

Do Don’t
Think through your main theme and try to ensure your keyword topic is in the title Go over 70 characters. Google usually only displays the first 50 to 60 characters of the tag
Use a unique title tag for each page. Stuff the same keyword across multiple pages. The reason behind this is similar to why you should have a keyword for each page. For Google to know that page X is different from page Y on your site, it needs a unique title. Read our SEO tips for more info.
Place your brand name at the end of the tag. Keyword placement has an impact on your ability to rank for search terms. Also, because Google will cut off long titles, it’s important that your focus shows up early. Use special characters in your title tag
Think of your customer when writing the title. It’s more important than the copy. As with writing long-form, you want to write your title last, after you’ve written everything else. TYPE IN ALL CAPS. IT’S BOTH ANNOYING AND IT CAN BE HARD TO READ